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Larry Flynt

Publisher of Hustler Magazine business

Flynt is publisher of the more than a dozen adult magazines, including Hustler. His life is profiled in a 1997 film directed by Milos Forman titled The People vs. Larry Flynt.

In the epilogue of his autobiography, An Unseemly Man, Flynt says, "I have left my religious conversion behind and settled into a comfortable state of atheism. I have come to think that religion has caused more harm than any other idea since the beginning of time. The Jerry Falwells of this world are living proof of the hypocrisy that permeates organized religion in America and around the world." Flynt dismisses his previous conversion to Christianity (since recanted) as the result of a manic-depressive episode.

From an interview on Larry King Live aired January 10, 1996: FLYNT: I always thought Jerry [Falwell] was a hypocrite, and I still feel that way. KING: Because? FLYNT: And I think the rhetoric he spews out has caused more harm than any ideas since the beginning of time. KING: You don't think he believes in God? FLYNT: I am not saying he don't believe in God. I am just saying I don't believe in God. That puts me at odds with him.


In 1984, Larry Flynt sought out the services of Madalyn O'Hair, and announced in his magazine Hustler, that he was an atheist. The infamous "satire" ad, for which Jerry falwell sued Flynt for over $1 million, and lost, appeared in 1984, and Flynt announced that he was an atheist in his magazine. I'm currently looking for the 1984 Hustler issues. In one (June or July 1984), there is a photo of a party Flynt held for Madalyn O'Hair and several other atheists in Los Angeles.


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