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Larry King

Interviewer/Talk Host/Author

King can be seen weeknights on CNN hosting Larry King Live.

He is a self-described agnostic. Listeners to his old late night radio show may remember his often said statement "I don't know. I just don't know." -CF

In an interview (broadcast January 31, 1996) on ABC's PrimeTime Live, King was asked why he was so afraid of death. He responded that when he had his heart attack, there was no bright light at the end of the tunnel or anything like that, and closed with "I KNOW this is it."

--AD, CR


Ed. King's name has been withdrawn from the list. A reader reports that King had Rosemary Altea (author of the book The Eagle and the Rose) on his show who claimed to be talking to Larry's dead relatives, Larry said he was convinced it was genuine.


Ed. Perhaps King should be considered agnostic again...

In his new book "Powerful Prayers," King, ironically makes reference to his agnosticism towards the idea of God and the efficacy of prayer.

From the November 12, 1998 Christian Science Monitor:The year and a half spent on this book didn't make him "a believer," King says in an interview, but it has affected him. "I've certainly seen the power of it for people. I appreciate that very intelligent people believe in it.... I haven't made that leap that says, 'Someone is watching over me,' but I am much more open to it than I was."



In a (June 2000?) interview with the German TV-magazine "H�rzu" (Nr. 24/2000), Larry King mentioned his agnosticism: H�rzu: "After 35,000 Interwiews, do you learn something new in them?"

King: "Nearly every time. With one exception - if it comes to religious topics everything is already said. I am an agnostic, so I don't learn anything from them. But most of the time it's exciting."


On Larry King's interview with Barbara Walters about a month ago (June 2005), Walters asked him if he believed in God and he said 'no'.

On The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch (November 27, 2005), Larry King talked a lot about religion and stated, quite clearly, that he was agnostic.


On The Charlie Rose Show on June 20, 2006, King said, "I am an agnostic."

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