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Lars von Trier


Von Trier is a Danish filmmaker, who has directed such films as Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, Antichrist, and Melancholia. [1]


What [Antichrist] does take issue with is religion and therapy, two very patriarchal institutions that are portrayed as oppressive to women. Von Trier willingly concedes his dislike to both: 'I'm a very bad Catholic. In fact, I'm becoming more and more of an atheist. Religion in general is shit. I know that much. I’ve kept Nietzsche’s Antichrist on my bedside table since I was 12 [hence the film’s title]. It's his big showdown with Christianity...." [2] (Aug. 4, 2009)


"When asked about the Biblical references in the film and their significance to the overall story, von Trier conceded, 'Normally, I would have gone through the script and taken all that shit out...I’m sorry about the Eden stuff. It came up and I let it be.' He continued, 'If it has to do with religion, it’s to say that there is no God.'" [3] (Sep. 23, 2009)


In Melancholia, [Kirsten Dunst's character] Justine believes "Life is evil." "I can tell you we are alone in the universe," chirrups Von Trier. "There is no God." [4] (Sep. 2011 interview for Melancholia)

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