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Marc Maron


Maron is an American stand-up comedian and podcast host. [1]
During episode 254 of Maron's "WTF" podcast on February 16, 2012 (featuring guest Bill Maher)(14:40), he said the following in his opening monologue:
Maron: "And also, I talk to Bill a little bit about atheism, but I always wonder about the aging atheists. That....and I will put myself in amongst them, only because, as I said, you know, I am not seemingly willing to say categorically "there's no God." I don't know why I'm not willing to. There must be some primal fear in me of some kind. Or maybe there's a shred of hope somewhere. But I don't fight for the atheists' point of view. I'm certainly not religious in any way. I don't have God in my life. I'm not geared that way." [2]
From Maron's 2011 comedy album, 'This Has To Be Funny':
"I lost my ability to judge believers, I used to judge them a lot. I don't believe in God, but I'm not an atheist, I just don't care. I wasn't brought up with it. I don't care and I've grown to understand that if you have to gather together some dogmatic or mystical system that works for you spiritually somehow, GOOD! I hope you make it through. Just don't drag me into it or push it on me and we're okay, I understand. I can't judge believers, I know that belief is necessary to feel a part of something bigger than you. And because I don't have any real quest for God in my heart (though I'm a very good consumer - because I can't deny the hole exists) but also I've just lost my urgency to argue and I find that Christians are not annoying people when you talk to them. They're annoying but they're a predictable type of annoying, and they are pretty decent people. There are more annoying people than Christians - arguably atheists, you know really angry atheists, much more annoying than talking to a Christian. I could talk to a Christian for half an hour, I could talk to an atheist for five minutes before I'm like, "Shut the fuck up, I get it! I know what you want! You're right, yes, you're right!" Vegans are much more annoying than Christians. Because it's the same conversation, "I get it. I'm immoral. I'm killing with my mouth. I get it!" Atheist vegans - horrendous people! And the difference between an atheist, a vegan, or an atheist-vegan and a Christian, is if a Christian is a real Christian at least they know they're flawed." [3][4]

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