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Mark Knopfler

Recording Artist

Knopfler, best known for his work with the band Dire Straits, was interviewed by David White of 4MMM FM in Brisbane, Australia, broadcast November 10, 1991.

In discussing Knopfler's song "Calling Elvis", White asks if Knopfler has ever seen Elvis since his presumed death.

MK : No I never met -- oh yes, I've seen him in a shopping mall in St. Louis [laughter]. I think when I was four years old, I went up to my dad and I said "Once you're dead, you're dead for life" which he thought was pretty funny. And I still believe that [...] so I don't think Elvis is kicking around anywhere.

DW : No reincarnations?

MK : No.

Later in the interview White asks if Knopfler believes in fate. Knopfler responds:

MK : Well I don't think you're supposed to know. I don't think you are supposed to know the answer to that question. I think what you're supposed to do is say "I don't know". More and more things happen to me that seem to be more of a coincidence, more and more things happen where you're tempted to think that things are mapped out and you're tempted to think that there's a connection between seemingly disparate events. You're not suppose to know because if you knew that for sure then you'd say er.. you'd say well then "I believe in God" or whatever.."I believe in" er...and I think if you knew that for sure then it would spoil something. I don't think that we ever will know. I don't think we ever will know the answer to that question no matter how far science goes. No matter how... whether you know how the universe...think you know how the universe came about. I don't think you'll ever know. I don't think you're supposed to know.

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