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Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich was a German-American film actress and singer. She starred in such films as The Blue Angel, Shanghai Express, A Foreign Affair, Touch of Evil, Stage Fright, and Desire. She was one of the highest paid actresses of her era and the American Film Institute named her the ninth greatest female star of all time. As a singer, her signature number was “Falling in Love Again (Can't Help It)” - which she performed thousands of times over her lifetime. [1]
"Back in my early childhood I learnt that God doesn’t fight on any army’s side. So there was little point in praying. Nonetheless, before every battle, prayers were read, all kinds of incantations were incited, staged by all sorts of preachers. We attended these ceremonies and I saw how all the soldiers stood in place, as though they couldn’t believe their ears. I couldn’t believe it either, but I counted for nothing… Since then, I have given up belief in God, in a ‘light’ that leads us, or anything of that sort. Goethe said, if God created this world, he should review his plan." - quote taken from Warren Allen Smith's book Celebrities in Hell: A Guide to Hollywood's Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics, Free Thinkers, and More (pp. 130, ISBN 1569802149)

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