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Matt Besser

From an 09-Oct-2002 Onion AV Club article titled Is There A God? [1]:

A member of the famed Upright Citizens Brigade, Matt Besser was in the cast of the comedy troupe's excellent Comedy Central series.

The Onion: Is there a God?

Matt Besser: [Long, lingering pause.] No


From a June 01, 2006 profile [2] of Besser in Nashville Scene:

�My name is Matt Besser, and I�m an Arkansas Razorback. My father is a Jew from Little Rock, Ark., my mother was a Christian from Harrison, Ark., and somehow I�m an atheist now living in L.A. I am a Razorback living in the Razorback diaspora.�


Thus begins 'Woo Pig Sooie,' Matt Besser�s one-man comedic rant that fearlessly confronts all the folly and confusion of what it means to be religious in America. For a solid hour, Besser rambles over topics like Jewish Sabbath practices, pedophile priests, born-again Christians, the notion of intelligent design (�A phrase dripping with irony,� he says) and the Ten Commandments. (�Why is �Thou Shalt Not Kill� only No. 6?� he asks pointedly, in the midst of serving up his own version of each of the sacred laws.) Other material savages the separation of church and state, prayer chat lines, red-state/blue-state dynamics, right wing political action committees and a commander in chief who appears to pray more than he works. Besser even regales his listeners with excerpts from his Christian grandmother�s narrow-minded letters.

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