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Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black is best known for starring in several American TV comedies, including Ed, Michael & Michael Have Issues, The State, Stella and Viva Variety. In addition to appearing on the "I Love the..." series on VH1 and the Adult Swim series Tom Goes to the Mayor, he also provided the voice for the Pets.com sock puppet.

10/08/2008 - On his blog at Michaelianblack.net, he expresses his frustration toward the pervasiveness of God in American culture (such as "In God We Trust" on currency), and states implicitly that he does not believe in God.[1]

2/21/2010 - Along with Ed co-star Tom Cavanagh, Black began hosting a weekly podcast called 'Mike and Tom Eat Snacks' in early 2010. In episode 5, "Banana", in which the two discuss the banana as a snack and its ample design by God for human consumption, Black alludes to not buying into this line of thinking, despite having facetiously stated the opposite. He refers to himself as "a fucking atheist".[2]

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