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Nadine Gordimer


From a June 1999 profile in The Daily Star:

NADINE Gordimer, winner of the 1991 Nobel prize for literature, was born and brought up in South Africa. She is widely known as an eminent writer of fiction whose novels and stories are mainly set in her native South Africa. Ever since she began her writing career in 1937, her steady flow of fiction has reflected the constantly changing social, moral, and political condition of life in South Africa.

There are apparently numerous references to her atheism. One of them is from a 1991 article in the Legal Studies Forum:

Gordimer's personal history is well documented. She was born, in 1923, in the small gold-mining town of Springs, about 30 miles east of Johannes- burg, the youngest of two daughters of Isidore Gordimer, a Jewish-Lithuanian emigrant. Gordimer, an atheist, states that her father was a "mystery" to her. In her Paris Review interview, she says that he "went through the whole Jewish pogrom syndrome," and wonders whether this "timid" man did not burn himself out while emigrating.


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