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Nile Rodgers

American guitarist, songwriter and producer, best known as co-founder of CHIC and collaborator with artists including David Bowie and Madonna.

Seemingly raised without religion by, in his words, "liberal hippie" parents. He writes in his autobiography Le Freak about his time living with his grandmother, Lenora:

"Lenora gave me everything I wanted that she could afford, if it didn't conflict with her religious beliefs and practices - but her religion's traditions changed arbitrarily. For as long as I could remember, we couldn't eat meat on a Friday, then suddenly one day we could. Mass, the Catholic church service, was always in Latin, then one day it wasn't. Things like that further alienated me from her devout belief in ceremonies that were obviously man-made. Like my mom, I gravitated more toward science and things that could be proven."

Rodgers has written and spoken extensively about going through both drug rehab and treatment for cancer, and does not use religious language about either.

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