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Norm Macdonald

Norman Gene "Norm" Macdonald (born October 17, 1963) is a Canadian comedian, actor and professional poker player. He is known for his three years anchoring Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update. He performs as a stand up comedian in comedy clubs across Canada, the United States, and Australia. In Los Angeles, he wrote for the popular sitcom Roseanne and performed on shows including The Drew Carey Show and NewsRadio. Comedy Central named him #83 on the five part mini-series 100 Greatest Stand-ups of All Time.

Artie said his mother has told him to never get rid of that card. He told another story about going on a flight with Norm MacDonald who is an atheist. He said that he told Norm that he usually calls his mother before he flies but this time he didn't. Norm actually told him to give her a call before they took off if that's what he does every time. Howard Stern Show Notes

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