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Patton Oswalt

On his December 2004 stand-up special on Comedy Central titled "No Reason to Complain", Patton Oswalt said he was a "Stone cold Atheist." On his 2004 comedy album Feelin' Kind of Patton, Oswalt repeats the claim during a routine about the Apocalypse, noting that if one occurred, "I'm wrong and there is a God."

Submitter, Adam Steele, comments Even though it was during his routine, I think he was being sincere, since he refered back to it a couple of times. Near the end, he also said something about the world coming to an end, and how that would be fun because "{he'd} be wrong, there is a god."

During his Comedy Central Stand up special "No reason to complain." He said "I'm an atheist." During a talk about the passion of the christ.

Patton is also credited in the program of Julia Sweeney's monologue Letting Go of God.

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