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Paul Bettany

In an interview [1] [2] published May 10, 2006, Bettany talks about his role in the film The DaVinci Code:

"I was brought up Catholic. I'm lapsed. From the age of three I was with the nuns. Now I'm an atheist. I think religion does a lot for us but I can't quite believe it, alas... It's just a personal choice. I love the idea of heaven though. Who doesn't? It's lovely."

Also from a May 23, 2006 AP interview [3]:

Initially raised as a Roman Catholic ("a lot of guilt, and I still smell the incense"), Bettany then attended Church of England and Methodist congregations as his father experimented with different Christian branches.

Now "fanatically atheist," Bettany said he was not prepared for incessant questions about the religious debate over the novel, which theorizes about a conspiracy to cover up Christ's marriage and villainizes the Catholic group Opus Dei, whose leader helps orchestrate dark deeds in pursuit of the Grail.

Bettany's IMDB Entry.

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