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Paul Draper

Recording Artist

Draper is the lead singer of the UK alternative rock band Mansun.

From an interview with The Times newspaper (http://mansun.net/features/875332800,95277,.html):

The death of Diana, the Princess of Wales, and the subsequent mass hysteria must have given him something to think about? "I think people are looking for something to replace God. I don't think anyone believes in things like that anymore," he says contemptuously. "The world is too small now for people to be scared into believing in deities. Before they were terrified into giving their money to the Church. It's all about aura, but people are deluding themselves."

From an interview with the New Musical Express magazine (http://mansun.net/features/918882000,92353,.html):

"Why do you still wear a cross and chain in view of your negative opinion on religion and the hypocrisy you see therein?

I've got an upside-down cross which I wear quite a bit, the anti-Catholic inverted one. This one here, the big one, is my nan's, I wear it for family reasons."

"To which authority do you cower? (God, Heaven)

Chad: That can't be from God, it's not written in Hebrew.

Paul: I suppose you end up cowering to fucking everything life throws at you. Or you can protest all the time. You can pretend you're a non-conformist by wearing a T-shirt that says, 'I Don't Conform' but I suppose everyone buckles under. You can hide behind the excuse that you're fighting within the system but..."

For more info, see http://www.mansun.co.uk - Mansun have had 14 singles in the UK Top 40 and one of their three albums made No. 1 in the UK album chart).


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