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Paula Poundstone

In an interview, Poundstone commented that she, although an atheist, really liked this blind gospel singing group from Alabama.


In her HBO special "Paula Poundstone goes to Harvard" she says that she "didn't believe in anything" about religion, and makes a few religious jokes.


From her page at the Mother Jones site.

[Q]: I assume you are a Jewish liberal, like myself. Do you have any opinions about why Jews tend to be more liberal as a whole?

A: I am quite flattered that you view me as a liberal Jew like yourself. Although raised a conservative Methodist, I am, in fact, a liberal atheist. Many people mistake me for Irish.


In an August 1999 appearance on the Hollywood Squares Paula was asked how long the flood lasted in the biblical story Noah's ark. She responded with a few funny answers and then proclaimed I don't know I am an atheist!


Another new quote: a reader reports that (in June? 1999) "E! had a show about religion in Hollywood. Most of the actors and actresses interviewed were decidedly spriritual (in mostly non-conventional ways). There was one four-second clip, sandwiched between all the others without editorial comment, in which Paula Poundstone said, "I'm an atheist, so I don't really know where spirituality fits in for me . . . a devout atheist."

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