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Peter Buck

Recording Artist

Peter Buck is lead guitarist of R.E.M..

Update (28-May-01): the following dialogue between Peter Buck and an interviewer is found on an R.E.M. interview disc, "Shiny Chatty People" conducted on June 23, 1985, for England's Piccadilly Radio ...

Interviewer: What do you want for Xmas?

Peter: God, you know, I hate Christmas, I really do. If I had my Christmas wish, it would just disappear this year and I could not be bothered by it. I dont even get depressed or anything, I just get bored. Yeah, thats my Christmas wish. It would just disappear.

[skip a lot of other stuff...]

Interviewer: The myths and legends of Old America seem to be enjoying a revival amongst the youth of today. Is that because the culture that America is offering today just isn't appealing anymore?

Peter: [says some other things, first, and then:] You don't grow up with myths and legends and tradition anymore, especially since people aren't really religious anymore. I mean, I'm an atheist, so I didn't grow up with this built-in set of symbols and ideals that you get.

--EL and Brg


Update (28-May-01): In an interview published in the November 30, 1988 in East Coast Rocker magazine:

ECR: What about responsibility?

PB: The only responsibilty is to ourselves. If we all found God tomorrow and wanted to do a gospel show, we would do it. I never will -- I'm an atheist. But if we drive people away because of the music we're making or what we're saying, fine. Don't come in.

Found at http://www.news-stand.org



Update (28-May-01): from the February, 1993 issue of Details magazine:

"We're [R.E.M.] people who, in a lot of ways, wouldn't have fit, and we've managed to make ourselves a place in the world and managed to change a little corner of our world. We're very ... I hate to use the word 'idealistic' ... more moralistic. Idealism smacks of naivete, and none of us are naive. But our lives are totally morally guided. Not the old morals -- church on Sunday, don't drink, shine your shoes -- that's bullshit. Mike [Mills] and I were talking about this the other day, and he said, 'You know, if we were sleazebags, we'd have a lot more fun.' I said, 'Yeah, but you have to be stupid to live with it.'"


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