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Peter Steele

Steele is the lead vocalist, front-figure and producer of the metal band Type O Negative.

From [1]KNAC.COM, An Interview with Peter Steele of Type O Negative

By Charlie Steffens, aka Gnarly Charlie, Writer/Photographer Monday, October 22, 2007:

“After my mother passed away last year and a couple of other things happened, I pretty much got back to my faith. I was born RomanCatholic . Believe it or not, I go tot church on Sunday and I do read the Bible. But I don’t read it as a how to live your life book. I read it as if I have a question I can open any page. If you’re open minded you will get the answer from a passage. And you will get a different answer if you read the same passage but it will still be just as worthy. “

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