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Policies and Guidelines


The goal of the CelebAtheists wiki is to serve as a repository for citations of godlessness of notable or widely recognized people.

The ideal entry will consist of a brief, one-paragraph biography followed by one or more citations which establish the person's godlessness.


A full list of policies is still being determined.


Cite Your Sources [1] - The citation must include a quote from a verifiable and published source which falls into at least one of the Big Three categories: Atheist, Agnostic or Ambiguous. We also have added Humanist, Heretic, and Buddhist The requirements for each are listed on their respective pages.

Establish Notoriety - To be a celebrity as it applies to the list, one must have achieved some notoriety, such as appearing often in media with wide distribution. This would include publishing bestselling or critically acclaimed books, appearing in movies, being a leader in one's field, etc..

Avoid Bias - Leave the evangelism to the Evangelists. Don't exclude the undesirable or notorious atheists. Include contradictory quotes and citations where they are available. Employ a Neutral Point of View (NPOV). [2]

Provide a Jump - Be sure to include a link in a 'References' section for the reader to obtain more details, preferably to a biographical Wikipedia [3] entry. Avoid fragile links.


See Wikipedia's How to edit a page [4] for more tips on composing and updating entries.


Got a complaint? Contact infidelsapient =at/ hotmail \dot= com

See also the About page.

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