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Ramendra Nath

Philosopher / Author

Dr. Ramendra Nath has been teaching philosophy at Patna University since 1983. He has done his Ph. D. on Bertrand Russell's Ethical Philosophy and D. Litt. on M.N.Roy's New Humanism and Materialism.

Dr. Ramendra has written nearly fifteen books and booklets in Hindi and English, including Why I am Not a Hindu and Is God Dead? Besides, he has written more than hundred essays, articles and papers, which have been published in leading humanist journals of India, as well as in popular magazines and newspapers.

Dr. Ramendra is the founder of Buddhiwadi Foundation and Bihar Buddhiwadi Samaj (Bihar Rationalist Society), two internationally known organizations for promoting rationalism, humanism and atheism.

Dr. Ramendra Nath's brief biography and his Is God Dead? and Why I am Not a Hindu are available on the Secular Web. Some of his other writings such as "Why attack the god idea" are available on the web site of the Buddhiwadi Foundation. It is also possible to search for him through Yahoo.

Dr. Ramendra has clearly declared in his Is God Dead?:

"God is a crutch for weak persons, who are unable to face the reality and who always want to remain a child. An adult human being should not need this false support..."


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