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Randy Newman

Recording Artist

See lyrics to "God's Song" ("That's Why I love Mankind") and others. -CDA

Newman has stated that he is an atheist many times in interviews. Some lyrics from "Old Man":

 Don't need no  god to comfort you,
  You taught me not to believe that lie.


Excerpted from a profile of Randy Newman by Mark Evangelista in the Houston Chronicle Interactive titled 'Newman pacts them in'...

Growing up in New Orleans and his father's atheistic view of life uniquely molded Newman. He was always comfortable in his own skin but wondering why he should be. Thus, the eight different versions of the same song on racism.

"I asked my mom why the black kids weren't getting ice cream from the same side of the ice cream truck I was getting mine," he said.

A visit to a someone in the hospital revealed his father's opinion on fate and the belief of a supreme being. While walking through a children's ward, the elder Newman pointed at the patients and lampooned the idea of a benevolent and merciful deity:

"That's God's will over there and that's God's will over there and that's God's will over there. . . "

Still, Newman lets people believe what they need to believe. Give the people what they want.

"I never had faith," said Newman. "But I have respect for the idea. There's no joy being an atheist."

"It'll be such a hit," he said, referring to religion in sarcastic tones.

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