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Reginald Finley


Reginald Vaughn Finley, Sr is considered one of the first internet media broadcasters to earn a fulltime income solely from the support of his listeners and viewers. Reginald Finley is formerly known as The Infidel Guy, which was the name of his decade-long freethought, philosophy, and science-oriented program. He started his program in 1999 via the inspiration of Jake who was the creator of the AFL Show, and co-creator of atheistnetwork.com.

Before the Infidel Guy show, Mr. Finley worked as a psychic for the Psychic Network; of which, his story has been published in various newspapers and online journals all over the world.

Show's Influence

Finley was co-founder of The Atheist Network, a site which fostered a large community of atheists for many years before closing its doors in 2011. The Infidel Guy Show itself shutdown in March of 2010. IG's efforts motivated and encouraged many other freethinkers to begin their own activist and educational efforts. Brian Sapient became an atheist because of The Atheist Network and credits the Infidel Guy with fueling him to start The Rational Response Squad. Dr. Bob Price, a regular on the Infidel Guy show eventually created his own 'Bible Geek' Show and a number of other spin-offs. One of his producers, Richard Spencer, created the 'Faith and Freethought' show. At one point, The Infidel Guy and Jake created a network of broadcasters twice over: Freethought Media, Freethought Radio, Atheist Radio, and The Atheist Network.


Though Mr. Finley has professed atheism for many years, he now openly considers himself an "Ardent Critical Thinker" and "Informal Science Educator". He has mentioned that he now sees the value in critical thought and science-understanding even more-so than trying to change people's mind about religion. Now, no longer active in the freethought community as he once was, he still advocates critical thinking, rational thought, and scientific methodology via other efforts. If asked, he will still admit that he is an atheist without reservation.

Television and Radio Appearances

Reggie, as he is called by his closest of friends, appeared on at least 120 internet and terrestrial radio and video programs. The two largest appearances to date was on ABC's wifeswap in 2005 and an appearance on Bill Cunningham's Radio Show on 700WLW in Cincinnati, Ohio. He also has made appearances on Michio Kaku's radio program "Visions".

Military History

Who says there aren't any atheists in foxholes? Mr. Finley is a US Army veteran serving as an infantryman and communication assistant during Operation Able Sentry in Macedonia/1993. He received an honorable discharge as well as a multitude of awards. Upon leaving the Regular Army, Mr. Finley became a Federal law enforcement officer and Army National Guardsman, of which, he was also honorably discharged.


Mr. Finley is a graduate of the Atlanta Broadcast Institute where he received a diploma in broadcasting. He earned his Bachelor of Science at Amridge University (a Christian University) in Human Development and his Master of Education from SUNY at Buffalo (a research oriented University) in 'Science and The Public' under the watchful eye of Dr. John Shook. Finley co-attended with another atheist celebrity, Ben Radford in 2013.

Where is he now?

After struggling with the US economic collapse and the rise of youtube beginning as early as 2005, IG decided to finally retire The Infidel Guy show in 2010 and began working as a Human Resources Manager for a mid-sized security company... and after the death of his mother, Mary L. Finley, he began working in real estate and eventually created a business with a focus on sharing science with children and adults. He created The Fun Scientists LLC but retired that business in 2013.

After graduating with his Masters degree, he is now seeking continued employment in the Informal Science Industry, his true passion. Despite this, he is hopeful to resurrect the infidelguy.com domain one day to allow free downloads of his past content.

He can be contacted directly at: reggiefinleysr at yah00 for com for media inquiries.

Personal Life

Reggie is happily married to Dilandrea Smith-Finley, living in the metro Atlanta area, and is still seeking full-time work.


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