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Richard Bartle

Game Designer

Bartle is the co-creator of MUD, a popular multi-player interactive game on the Internet introduced in 1979. From the Online Computer Dictionary: MUD is like a real-time chat forum with structure; it has multiple "locations" like an adventure game and may include combat, traps, puzzles, magic and a simple economic system.

He was interviewed in June 1996 by by Zedd the wizard, known at the time as Asterix the arch-wizard...

AX: Finally, what would be an appropriate epitaph for your gravestone?

RB: Since I'm an atheist, and have no belief whatsoever in life after death, I couldn't care less -- it's not like it'll have any impact on me, since by definition I will be completely extinguished. I guess if someone twisted my arm and forced me to provide an epitaph, it would be "Don't forget." Sound advice...

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