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Rick Reynolds


Reynolds used his atheism in his standup act, but has since graduated to the one-man show genre back in 1990-1992 when his first show "Only the Truth Is Funny" was a hit in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. Rick elaborated on his atheism in some detail in that show (still playing as a 90 minute special on the Showtime Network). Look for hilarious story about Rick's refusal to join his family in saying grace at Thanksgiving dinner. Quote Rick from this show: "I don't believe in God. ...I hope he doesn't hold that against me." In his show "All Grown Up And No Place to Go", he says "I don't use the term 'miracle' lightly. I don't believe in God, or reincarnation, or destiny, or the Publishers' Clearinghouse Sweepstakes." He is currently (as of 2005) working on a new one-man show entitled "Happiness."

Rick Reynolds' Website: http://www.churchofrick.com


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