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Robbie Fulks

Recording Artist

"Insurgent country" artist Robbie Fulks, author of the sublime song "God Isn't Real," has this to say about his theistic views: Nowhere is the contrast more apparent than between the breakneck-paced title song and the thought-provoking, waltz tempo tune "God Isn't Real." Go ask the starving millions under Stalin's cruel reign Go ask the child with cancer who eases her pain Then go to your churches, if that's how you feel But don't ask me to follow, for God isn't real "Religion is one of the important questions in life, I think," Fulks said. "Or the disposition of our mortal souls and what happens to us after we die, and whether there is or isn't a God. I definitely think about it every day of my life. Given that it's that important a topic, it just makes sense to deal with it in music. I just took my own views and slightly radicalized them for the song. I'm not really a confirmed atheist. But I am kind of a reluctant disbeliever. "And I thought that (type of song) hadn't been done in country music before." -- from 23-Oct-98 Sarasota Herald-Tribune, contributed by A. E. Anderson

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