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Robert Anton Wilson

A poster to the [message board] reports that Wilson refers to himself consistently as an "agnostic" in his various books, and on the website "Mavericks of the Mind", in an interview, calls himself a "mystic agnostic".


In the May 2000 issue of High Times RAW says, "Every time I have to attach a seat belt I say 'God damn Ralph Nader,' with the fervid intensity of a child's prayer, even though I don't believe in God or damnation."

The official website for RAW is http://rawilson.com/main.html.


A contributor (MSea) writes to say that RAW was raised Irish Catholic, but abandoned the religion at 14. He is agnostic in the scientific way -- he does not believe in any one god or belief system (his term), but takes in all possibilities. He is very skeptical of organized religion -- not only faith in god, but of the attitudes of the religious, Fundamentalists especially. According to his website (www.rawilson.com), a card on his desk reads "If you think you know what the hell is going on, you're probably full of shit."

Wilson's agnosticism is not limited to the question of God's existence, but also extends to the physical and social sciences. He refers to this stance as "model agnosticism", "creative agnosticism", or "the Copenhagen interpretation". This reluctance to accept any model of the world as "true" has its roots in general semantics, quantum mechanics, and Timothy Leary's theory of reality tunnels. Wilson elucidates this position in his books Prometheus Rising, Cosmic Trigger, The New Inquisition, and Quantum Psychology, among others.

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