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Robert I. Sherman

Radio Talk Host/Atheist Activist

Sherman, a prominent veteran of many a national media appearance where atheism or state/church separation is the issue, writes: "My notoriety comes from attacking virtually every state/church separation violation within shouting distance of Chicago. Victories include: Removal of Christian crosses from city seals in numerous nearby municipalities. Ending Buffalo Grove, IL, Police Department exclusion of atheists from their public education program, formerly known as "Boy Scouts Explorers Post," but now known as "Police Cadets." Ending forced acknowledgement of the Judeo-Christian god in compulsory recitation of pledge of allegiance in Illinois public schools. Removal of Christian crosses that adorned the Kane County, IL (50 miles west of Chicago) government center."

Sherman's own radio talk show can be heard on AM 1330 WKTA Chicago. The new time slot, beginning Monday, December 8, is 8-9 PM Central Time. It is also simulcast via RealAudio. Check out his web site, http://www.robsherman.com for details.

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