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Robin Quivers

Quivers appears regularly on Howard Stern's radio (now satellite) show.

From the May 21, 2004 show, guest Chaunce Hayden of Steppin' Out magazine interviewed Howard:

Chaunce Hayden: Which do you consider yourself more, an agnostic or an atheist?

Howard Stern: I am... What? Define "agnostic", please.

CH: Someone who thinks there could be something out there, but doesn't know what. They're not saying you definitely believe there is no god...

HS: I don't want to answer.

Robin Quivers: Why not? Everybody knows who wants to know

HS: I know intellectually there is no god. But in case there is, I don't want to piss him off by saying it.

RQ: Why do you know intellectually, when there are some scientists, some brilliant people, who don't know?

HS: There can't be a god. If you watch the tape of that guy [Nicholas Berg] getting his head cut off, there's no way.. no god could allow that. If I was god, I'd say, "Listen, I can't allow this. I'm gonna stop it." Like just as about when his head was about to be cut off, I'd go, "You know what, I'm gonna break the Arabs arms."

RQ: Well, I don't believe there's a god.

HS: That's what I'm saying. If God is compassionate, he would never allow..

RQ: But you're going through this whole intellectually, "I know but"...

CH: Does it make doing a show like this easier thinking, believing there is no god, no consequence?

HS: No, I believe I'm doing the work of humanity... This show is so uplifting... if you had been in Vegas... you would have seen the love and the comraderie this show produces.

RQ: And the coming together of all kinds of people.

["Pomp and Circumstance" begins playing]

HS: That's right. And let me tell you something, this show is all about the love.

CH: If there was heaven and hell, do you think you'd go to heaven or hell?

HS: Heaven.

CH: No question?

HS: Absolutely. Who would be there before me?

RQ: But who would be there with you?

HS: In heaven?

Artie Lange: [Adult Film Star and recent guest] Taylor Rain?

HS: Taylor Rain...

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