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Ron Dakron

In a January 1997 interview with Philip Collins, Dakron talked about the rage that in part inspired his first book infra:

PC: Rage? A rage born of anger, or abuse, or--

RD: No, no. Not even a personal rage -- not anger at any person or class or belief system, more a rage against existence -- against that quality of existence which seems to batter and defeat us. I wasn't enraged all day or anything -- actually I got involved in this tender affair during the creation of infra -- but I was pretty ticked off about humans versus the cosmos. And me on the losing side. It seemed -- and still does -- like we're getting a bum rap . . .

PC: From who?

RD: Well, since I'm an atheist, I don't think from anyone in particular. But spirit is where you find it. And at 28 I was finding it in honing some kind of weapon from language. infra is my broadsword attack on language -- a lot of poetic grunting and smashing.


Dakron's website can be found at http://mav.net/blackheron/dakron/

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