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Sandra Bullock

Sandra Annette Bullock is an American actress who rose to fame in the 1990s, after roles in successful films such as Speed and While You Were Sleeping. She has since established her career with films such as Miss Congeniality and Crash, which received critical acclaim. In 2007, she was ranked as the 14th richest female celebrity with an estimated fortune of $85 million. In 2009, Bullock starred in the most financially successful films of her career, The Proposal and The Blind Side. Bullock was awarded a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role, and the Academy Award for Best Actress, for her role as Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side. source: wikipedia

Sandra Bullock avoiding the "God" word where most religious people would use it

In an August 2010 interview on the Today Show with Matt Lauer, Sandra Bullock stated "I think, everything works out the way the universe wants it to work out." Statements like this are typically made by science minded individuals who don't lend credence to the supernatural but feel a sense of spirituality. In the case of Sandra Bullock it is also possible she made her karma-like claim because her box office impact could be negatively impacted if Christians don't believe her to be a God fearing woman.

On Sandra Bullock not being Jewish

And "Jew, Not A Jew," a site that skirts the border of amusing and disturbing, notes that Bullock is the most searched celebrity on its site. "And why? We just don't see it. Why would anyone out there think that Sandra is Jewish? Yes, her mother's name is Helga Meyer, but that last name is as likely to be ethnically German as it is Jewish. And considering Helga was born in Germany in 1942 and that Sandra used to go to Germany for Christmas, let's just say that the latter is quite, quite unlikely." Its verdict: Not a Jew. source

"A friend of ours helped arrange for a bris at the house, because we couldn't go [to a hospital]. The mohel [a person trained to perform a bris] came to us. You have never seen adults more panicked about what was about to happen to their son." Interesting for a number of reasons, but namely because as far as I can tell Bullock is not Jewish (there are some reports that say her mom may have been, but even if Bullock does consider herself Jewish, up until now she has been non-practicing) and if those leaked photos of James giving a Nazi salute and reports that his dad says he's long been obsessed with Hitler were any indication, he probably isn't Jewish either (unless he's self-hating). source

On Sandra Bullock not being Religious and more ambiguities

"Sandra Bullock does not have a clear religion." source

In an article about Sandras' part in The Blindside: As for Sandra Bullock, she loved the script but turned down the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy three times due to, believe it or not, intimidation. In a last ditch effort, Hancock convinced her to travel to Memphis to shadow the Tuohys and visit Briarcrest Christian School. "One of my biggest concerns stepping into this was how people use their faith and their religion as a banner, and then they don't do the right thing," explains Bullock. "They go, 'I'm a good Christian, and I go to church, and this is the way you should live your life.' And I'm like, do not give me a lecture on how to live my life when you go to church every week, but I know you're still sleeping around on your wife. I told Leigh Anne the banner waving scared me because I've had experiences that haven't been great. I don't buy a lot of people who use that as their shield. But she was so open and honest and forthright. And I thought, wow, I finally met someone who practices but doesn't preach—someone who blazes trails, and they do it as a family."

Bullock fell in love with the Tuohys and dove into her new role. She reveals, "I now have the blessing of having my res—," then, catching herself, the actress continues"—not a restored faith, but I now have faith in those who say they represent a faith. I finally met people who walk the walk." We see here that Sandra speaks of people who claim to represent a faith as if she is not someone who represents a faith.

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