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Sarah Silverman

On a interview with Elvis Mitchell aired November 16, 2005 on KCRW, Silverman says she is "almost positive there's no god" when speaking of reactions to her 'Jesus is Magic' catch-phrase that was printed on a t-shirt. [1]

Sarah Silverman. American comic and host of the MTV Video Music Awards in 2007. She plays a caricature of herself in The Sarah Silverman Program, has (2007) been dating funnyman Jimmy Kimmel, was on the cover of Maxim magazine's 100 Hottest Women issue, and was called "the funniest woman in America" by Rolling Stone magazine.

Below is the end of her interview with Kate Fillion in MacLean's (Canada's weekly news magazine), dated 22 October 2007, page 14. Permission was received via email to quote this article, with credit to both the author and MacLean's, on 5 November, 2007.

Q: Funny or not: Ellen DeGeneres? A: Yes!

Q: Kathy Griffin? A: Yes!!!

Q: George Bush? A: No.

Q: Who scares you more: the President of Iran, or the President of the United States? A: They both do. All fundamentalists from any group or religion scare me. And any nationalism scares Jews by nature.

Q: Are you an observant Jew? A: Nope. I have no religion. I'm only Jewish ethnically. Culturally.

Q: Finish this sentence: I'll retire when . . . A: Kanye West sells more albums than me."
The following is an exchange from Silverman's 3/13/09 appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher:
BM: But in general, can you comment on what the difference between religious Jews and cultural Jews that seems to have come up with this Bernie Madoff issue. SS: Um, I can't imagine there's a God, personally. Um, I'm not religious. I don't have, wow. I don't have religion at all.
BM: Right on. Right on, sister. Give me a fist pump!
SS: Really?
BM: But it's possible.
SS: I'm not ruling it OUT.

She goes on to state, "I have no religion." [2]

@SarahSilverman has posted bio information stating: "We're all just molecules, Cutie."

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