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Stephan Jenkins

Recording Artist

Jenkins is the frontman for Third Eye Blind.

From a 16-Dec-00 AP report on the 'Jingle Ball' at New York City's Madison Square Garden by Jennifer Vineyard:

Though not much was said about the holiday festivities onstage, Jenkins was more than happy to elaborate backstage about his feelings on the season. For Christmas, he said, he plans to go to midnight mass with his mother in Portland, though neither is a believer in God. "But I'm a big believer in praying," he explained, "and I'm a believer in singing. So it's an opportunity to sing and pray, and I like that a lot. I think religion is a bunch of hooey, and I think that the holidays are an opportunity for people to get stressed out, getting their rush to shop. It's so conformist."


(Believes in praying? I recommend removal. RayJ) > (He clearly said he doesn't believe in GOD, he states not what he prays to - Anonymous)

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