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Steve Wozniak

Wozniak is a world-renowned co-founder of Apple Computer. The following is response to a letter published on his website:

Comment from E-mail: I was reading that Gates, Linus T. and Larry Ellison are all atheist or agnostic. The article made no mention of you or Steve Jobs. My question is, are you a man of faith and do you think that Mr. Jobs is believes in God?

Woz: I am also atheist or agnostic (I don't even know the difference). I've never been to church and prefer to think for myself. I do believe that religions stand for good things, and that if you make irrational sacrifices for a religion, then everyone can tell that your religion is important to you and can trust that your most important inner faiths are strong.

Steve Jobs may be an informal fan of Eastern religions but it's never obvious in him and I never heard of him regularly attending a church. That's only a guess.

In the documentary Hackers Wanted Wozniak says the following:

"And over time, the term hacking sort of nowadays has a meaning of 'I'm hacking my way in. I'm chopping my way into somebody else's computer.' And the newspapers and the media have tried to make hacking to be a word that means 'Oh my Gosh. It's something bad. It's a threat. It's one of these invisible threats that you don't know about.' There's a lot of, like, built in, like a kind of church. Like "Here's the dogma!" And that's what we have in our society today. Even in just government and people. It's just one of those church realms, you know? It's like hackers are Satan." Video

Another quote from Hackers Wanted:

"So, we don't teach thinking as much as we teach, you know, rigorous rote. And intelligence is not defined as somebody having a brain that can think and think and consider all the possibilities and come up with the best solution. Oh no no! Intelligence is saying the exact same things as everyone else. You read the same newspaper articles. You watched the same news shows. You read the same books. And now you can say exactly the same things about how the world works. So you all know you're in a group. It's almost like a religion. And we're all the same. And we're intelligent because I say it and you say it. And you're intelligent so I'm intelligent. And we never really have a real good way of measuring 'are you really thinking?' and putting it together and coming up with your own solutions. No. We don't define that as intelligent. We often define it as dumb. Video

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