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Susie Bright

In her book, The Sexual State of the Union, pro-sex activist Susie Bright wrote, "I don't believe in their God or their Satan, and that kind of faith genuinely seems backward to me, a sign of ignorance and fear. I see their dedication and power, but the true believers might as well be worshipping a cheeseball as far as I'm concerned." (p. 32)

Bright grew up as a Catholic, but since then she has taken a dim view of the Catholic Church and religion in general. She said, "I'll never get used to cute progressives referring to God as "she" or "it," because I know from every aspect of Catholic training that I received that God is an angry, vengeful M-A-N." (p. 29)


Bright offers a correction to previous editions of this list which stated that her mother had been excommunicated: "My mother was not personally 'excommunicated' from the Church. It is a rule of the church that people who are divorced are not suppose to take Communion. My mother has not taken communion since she was divorced, or at least that's what I think. I have not watched her every move!

"Of course, no one asks you for proof of your eligibility when you get up to the altar, it's self-policing. I think my mother lost her strict belief in the Catholic Church while she was still married and in college. i don't know, I've never asked her. She's very private about her beliefs."

She also notes that she considers herself agnostic.

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