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Talk:Johnny Depp

Okay, I truly apologize that I had to change Johnny Depp to ambiguous, since he was one of the biggest atheist names on the list, but hear me out...

Two things: 1. If you watch the video, rather than simply reading the transcript, you'll see that the meaning changes. What the transcript says: "Faith in terms of religion, I don't, religion is not my specialty." What he actually says: "Faith in terms of religion, I don't...Religion is not my specialty."

It is a VERY subtle difference, but he's not saying "I don't" as if he doesn't have faith in terms of religion. He's saying "I don't know", but in a very Johnny Depp way, where he drops the end of a sentence to move onto the next one. You can tell because if he intended to finish his sentence with "I don't", he would have put a different inflection on "don't". The lack of inflection on "don't" indicates that there's a word following it in the sentence...which he abandons to move on.

2. The word belief has many different definitions. One of these definitions is a belief in a God. However, it's apparent from his application of the word to his children and situation in life, that he's not simply using the God definition. When he specifically applies it to religion, the definition could either mean a faith in God or a faith in religion. I think each is equally likely. However, not having faith in religion doesn't necessarily make one an atheist.

Again, sorry. I try to ADD atheists, not take them away. In this case, I simply don't think the quote is clear. We should keep an eye out for Depp quotes but, to be perfectly honest, I kind of doubt he's a full-on atheist. I'll bet he's into the murky "spiritual"-type beliefs. We'll see.

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