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Terry Wogan

Irish born UK Broadcaster

An excerpt from an article by Rachel Cooke Sunday March 28, 2004 in The Observer:

[Wogan's] childhood was 'cursed' with religion and not even the scepticism of his parents - 'They knew it was a lot of rubbish' - could entirely protect him from it.

'There were hundreds of churches, all these missions breathing fire and brimstone, telling you how easy it was to sin, how you'd be in hell. We were brainwashed into believing.' When he lost his faith, at the age of 17, it came as a relief. 'My whole life changed. If you haven't any doubts, you've no brain.'

Even so, something in him responded to his Jesuit education and it still informs many of his attitudes - duty and control are his watchwords - that I would not rule out a return to the fold. 'Well, people do tend to come back when they're looking for the exit,' he mutters.


Submitted by Martin Burn in the Web Forum on 07-Apr-2004.

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