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Tom Leykis

Syndicated Radio Talk Show Host

On February 10, 1995, in pointing out another Ted Kennedy "faux pas", Leykis said (paraphrased), "[Mitt Romney] saying women should become priests was not a politically expedient thing to do. I happen to agree with [Ted Kennedy] though I speak as an atheist..."

A regular listener writes "[Leykis] says he's an atheist virtually daily and takes on fundamentalists like a wild cat!"


A listener reports that on a show broadcast the night of January 21, 1998, Tom responded to a caller who was insisting on the religious values of this nation by saying "I'm an atheist. I don't subscribe to a belief in any god or deity."


Another listener reports a (March 1998?) exchange:

Q: If Tom is an atheist, why does he say "For god's sake" so much?

A: It's a joke! Get over it, for god's sake!


A confirmation sent in by a listener: I am a regular listener to Tom Leykis' radio broadcast. In June of 1999, I heard Tom say in reaction to one of his callers, "Thank God, I am an atheist." He said it more than once.


In the September 6, 2000 edition of The Onion A.V. Club titled "Is There A God?", celebrities were asked the question. Leykis was among those asked.

The Onion: Is there a God?

Tom Leykis: No, there is no God. Period.

O: End of sentence.

TL: End of story.

O: No God at all.

TL: There is no God.


Tom has had a semi-regular segment on his radio show since at least 2001, called "Ask the Atheist" where callers can question and challenge Tom on his atheism.


Leykis has a website at [1].

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