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Tom Schulman


Writer of the script for Dead Poets Society.

Quote from Oscar-Wining Screenwriters on Screenwriting: "I remember being seven or so, horsing around during the breaks in Saturday religious school. A bunch of us went downstairs where we weren't supposed to go, into the basement of the temple, and opened the door to a room where there sat large blowups of pictures from the Holocaust that were going to be used for a lecture to the adults. These photos were the most horrifying things you could imagine--trenches full of corpses, ghastly. The six of us who found them were devastated. We didn't konw anything at that age about the Holocaust. Well, the rabbi took us up into his office and all of us were really upset and one of us asked the rabbi to tell us what these pictures were. He told us, and then someone said, "Rabbi, how can there be a God if this happened?" And the rabbi said, "I don't know--but we have to have faith," and blah, blah, blah. After that I never believed in God again.

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