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Ursula K. Le Guin


Ursula K. Le Guin is an American author, best known for her work in the fantasy and sci-fi genres. Her most famous work to date is the Earthsea series. [1]
In the introduction to some editions of her novel, The Left Hand of Darkness, LeGuin states: "I write about gods, I am an atheist." [2]

On true charity and separation of Church and State (2009 'Emperor Has No Clothes' Award's Speech) she said: "(...) So, what I value about the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and why I am proud and happy to receive my award from you all, is the great work you do to diminish the place of religion in secular life—my life. I agree with you with all my heart that people who spend their lives sewing doll clothes for a figment of their imagination have no business running a country, making laws, interfering in people’s sex lives, teaching in public schools, or getting us into wars against people who make a different kind of doll clothes for a different figment of the imagination. Let the tailors of the garments of God sit in their tailor shops and stitch away, but let them stay there in their temples, out of government, out of the schools. And we who live among real people—real, badly dressed people, people wearing rags, people wearing army uniforms, people sleeping on our streets without a blanket to cover them —let us have true charity: Let us look to our people, and work to clothe them better." [3]

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