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Cenk Uygur


Uygur is a Turkish-American radio and television radio talk show host and political commentator on MSNBC cable television. He is the main host and co-founder of liberal talk radio show 'The Young Turks'.[1]
In a video where Uygur responds to Bill O'Reily's challenge to David Silverman about the tides, he states: "And if you're religious, one of the things you get brainwashed into is your particular religion. And that's why kids who are born Muslim wind up being Muslim. Kids who are born Christian wind up being Christian. It's because they got they got taught that, right? That doesn't make you stupid. All that I would ask you, as an agnostic, is that you, when you're an adult, is that you think about that and you say "hey, does that make sense? Does it make sense that I eat with a fork? Yeah, okay, that makes sense. Being nice to other people? Yeah, that makes sense. Believing in a sky-God who walks on water and controls the tides?" Just think about it is all I'm saying. (at 3:44 [2])

In reference to the "New Atheists", Cenk stated: "I think I'm more of a hardcore atheist in a sense than they are, since I think they like to pick favorites among religions, whereas I don't." 10:20 mark in Youtube video
-- "Now, I'm agnostic atheist. So, I don't believe in Christianity. I don't believe in any of the religions." (1:40) [3]

"Well, it's okay, I'm an atheist now." (3:18) [4]

On a 3 hour interview with Sam Harris, Cenk Uygur made statements...

Sam Harris and Cenk Uygur

"I'm against religion, you're against religion. I'm against all the religions."

"I left Islam" - Cenk Uygur

Cenk agreed with Sam Harris that "we're both atheists."

"I'm atheist agnostic." - Cenk Uygur when talking about his vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election of 2016.

Other atheist hosts of The Young Turks include John_Iadarola and Ana Kasparian.

More info: 4:25 of this video (4:25)

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