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John Iadarola

Host of TYT University and Common Room

A September 25th a video from The Young Turks informs us that John Iadarola, co-host to Ana Kasparian is an atheist.

"Nazi's weren't atheists, Hitler himself was a Christian.... We don't believe in Satan ok, we don't believe it exists. You believe it exists, I don't okay. I can't worship something that I think is imaginary." John goes on to rail against people referring to themselves as something other than "atheist" if they don't believe in god. He says "you're kidding yourself okay, you're actually atheist. It's nothing to run from you don't have to be scared. You can be agnostic for a period of time and think about it and some people will stay agnostic, but for the most part you're an atheist. Come to us we will welcome you with open arms. Hell, we've got congregations going up around the world."

Atheists Bullied For Not Believing In God

In a Dec. 3, 2013 video from the popular YouTube show, The Young Turks, entitled "War on Christmas Update from Bill O'Reilly", Iadorola states "I'm the world's biggest atheist." (5:14) [1]

The link to this page was put out on twitter, and John Iadarola retweeted it. Cenk Uygur is also an agnostic listed on our site, he is a host of The Young Turks.

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