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Talk:Angelina Jolie

I feel pretty strongly that there is not yet sufficient evidence to place Jolie in the atheist category and that her status should be changed to ambiguous. Of the three citations, the only one which sheds any light on her views is the "Is there a God?" A.V. Club citation. She says that "there doesn't need to be a God for me", which is consistent with something an atheist would say. However, it's not a statement that's exclusive to atheists. In other words, the sentence would still make sense if she had instead said, "I think I believe in a God, but there doesn't need to be a God for me." I'm glad people have cited these 3 things and I think she very well may be an atheist. However, I just don't believe we can use that label for her at this time. Perhaps further down the road.

Ok, I can agree with that. Moved her to ambiguous. --Sapient 20:53, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

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