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Talk:Jean-Luc Godard

I believe this article should be deleted entirely. I rented the movie in order to confirm whether this quote truly expresses Godard's personal beliefs and, while he was quoted correctly, I concluded that there is no obvious reason why Godard's words here should be taken as expressions of his own beliefs. Not any moreso than we can assume Woody Allen is genuinely terrified of lobsters (Annie Hall) or that Spike Lee thinks Michael Jordan's success is completely because of his Air Jordans ("it's gotta be the shoes!"). I just think it was included to be witty. Furthermore, as I've scoured the Internet for any atheism connection for him, I've turned up nothing. I would love to include Godard on this list, but this isn't real evidence.

- Could you agree on ambiguous? --Sapient 20:51, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

- Actually, no. I'm not trying to be inflexible, but so far that's the only evidence brought forth and it's really non-evidence. How about this...why don't you hold off on making any changes to his status for the time being and I'll do some research later this afternoon to see if I can find anything that would at least get him into the ambiguous category. I've been working on a project that was specifically aimed at uncovering atheists, so it's possible that he has some ambiguous quotes out there which I've since forgotten about, since they weren't what I was after. Does this work for you?

- Ok I did some searching and added some quotes and supporting information. When in doubt I'm more inclined to leave someone in as ambiguous than to entirely remove them. In the case of Godard it seems there is quite a bit to support that he (at minimum) was without a theistic belief system. I'd rather add to his page with conflicting quotes than remove him entirely (feel free to do so). Keep in mind the ambiguous denotation is for someone who we are unclear on. It seems that term fits him best right now. Let's see what you turn up in your quote search as well... and what do you think of what I found? --Sapient 21:47, 28 November 2010 (UTC)

- Thanks for doing that research. All of it is very interesting! I added a new one, too. As it stands now, I think ambiguous is the perfect fit for him. My best guess is that nothing ever surfaces which will put him in the atheist category. I was searching through a bunch of Godard books this morning and I just get the sense that he may be a partial believer, because of how fixated he is on the subject of God...and not in an outwardly skeptical way. On the plus side, I came across some talk about Truffaut being an atheist, so I'll research that and see if there's enough evidence to support that. There are only two things I would recommend changing about the article: 1. His name has a hyphen: Jean-Luc Godard. 2. It's just my opinion, but I feel "notoriously atheistic" is a bit self-deprecating.

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