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Barack Obama

The leader of the free world. President of the United States, Barack Obama has been called an atheist by many inside the atheist circle. If you believe his campaigning then he is a bible reading Christian. Barack Obama Sr. was an atheist. We'll likely not have any kind of confirming quote from Barack Obama until after his Presidency.

On season 19 episode 123, Bill Maher appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and claimed Barack Obama was an atheist.

Bill Maher: You know who's a liar about this[religion] is Obama. Obama is always spouting this spiritual bullshit. I don't believe it for a second. He's a drop dead atheist absolutely.
Jon Stewart: He spent how many years in Reverend Wright's Church?
Bill Maher: He never went! He joined because it was politically necessary... He joined because he wanted to move ahead in that political world and of course you had to be part of a Church.
[Jon Stewart]]: Don't they say that if you want to hold office in this country the one thing you can't be is an atheist? I find that so bizarre.
Bill Maher: So bizarre and so wrong, because it is the single biggest minority in this country. (audience applause)

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Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins believe Barack Obama is an atheist 6:30 in
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