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Atheists found on wikipedia

this page still needs to have the brackets removed on everything except the persons name. Then we can figure out who we need (in red) The list is from this page.

None of this is rational, or particularly logical. It is how religion happens: a heap of childhood influence, a questing mind as the search begins, a failure to find new or surprising answers, a sound respect for the minds that once shaped doctrine and then the settling for a quiet and untroubled agnosticism. It is merely a timid temperament that inhibits me from declaring a bold, defiant atheism.
Mine has been an outlook evolved from its time, growing from a particular period of history of absolutes and certainties. Everything shifted for devoutly held faith when schools began teaching comparative religion. From then on, the game was up. If each religion, it was now taught, has its own legitimacy, its own beliefs and concept of the divine, what is to say whether one is any better than another?" Joan Bakewell, 'Portrait: Just 70', The Guardian (London), February 20, 2004, G2: Guardian Features Pages, Pg. 7.

Tim Walker, 'Doubting John', The Daily Telegraph (London), 31 January 2009, News, Mandrake, Pg. 10.</ref><ref>"I don't believe in God, but I don't believe either that the whole thing is just a bizarre accident. Or at least, if it is, something has to explain our spirituality, which clearly does exist." Humphrys interviewed by Kay Parris, On death and doubting, Reform, February 2009 (accessed 25 March 2009).</ref>

experienced scripter Sam Perrin. The two writers were a natural team, despite the fact that Balzer was a devout Catholic and Perrin a Jewish atheist." Dick Vosburgh, 'George Balzer: Veteran comedy writer', The Independent (London), November 4, 2006, Obituaries, Pg. 44.</ref>

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